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AdAware disables the real-time-protection (v12.10.246.0, Win 10 pro)



  • Maurizio Giovanni Mattietti

    Ora sembra che tutto sia OK

  • Hans-Jürgen Christiani

    Same here, after shuting down and starting up Adaware has now the realtime protection active. No new version installed or anything else...
    As I stated above, a server problem ;-)

    Eight days to solve - how poor for an antivirus program - sorry, but what about qualitity management...


    Uh... new version has arrived... in German...

    Neue Version verfügbarr!

    ;-) nice typo

  • sch

    New version available in English as well. I just installed it and things appear to be back to normal. I'll know better later today if my daily scheduled scan happens. I was just about to switch to AVG.

    After 20 years of using AdAware and recommending it to others, this has been very disappointing.

  • john pidler

    I have just turned on my PC & Adaware has just updated to a new version & all is working now

  • Ken Putnam

    Surprise Surprise Surprise


    Just for grins, I checked again, and with NO NOTICE from AdAware Support everything is peachy keen   Even have updated definition  files

  • Scott Smart

    I'm glad for all of you that it is finally working. They still haven't fixed the maximum login problem that is preventing me from signing into the software so I'll keep on using AVG. When they finally fixed their servers, you'd think it would have solved this problem too.

  • sch

    Yeah, I hit that today when I tried to update my laptop. The desktop is updated and logged in, but all I could do was update the laptop, but not log in. "Maximum login" whatever the hell that is. I may switch to AVG.


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