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I can't remove the antivirus wsc service.



  • CarmeloRutherford

    Boot into safe mode and try to uninstall adaware antivirus manually. Sometimes, the background program that prevents you from uninstalling adaware antivirus may not run in safe mode, which is a diagnostic mode of Windows that only loads the essential drivers and services.

  • Alton Morrow

    Save, I'm having trouble using slice master Adaware PC Cleaner as of today; it says my email isn't registered, even though it appears on the Adaware page. 

  • Ramsey Duane

    you can not uninstall it

    it is part of the vista operating system

    drift hunters

  • talk fixy

    I have the same issue. Any tips for solution?

  • Michelle Butler

    To fully uninstall Adaware Antivirus, you'll need to disable or stop the Adaware Antivirus WSC Services that's preventing the uninstallation process. First, try accessing Task Manager with administrative privileges (right-click Taskbar > Task Manager > More details > Services tab), locate "Adaware Antivirus WSC Services," right-click and select "Stop." If access is denied, open Command Prompt as administrator, type "net stop Baddiehub" (replace "Baddiehub" with the exact service name), then attempt uninstallation again through Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program. This should resolve the issue by stopping the background process blocking the uninstallation.


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