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how does one remove a vieus



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    Hi noach,

    I suggest that we first check if it's a false positive in adaware antivirus. Please follow the instructions in this topic:


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    I got the reply in a PM:



    thanks you so much Cecilia

    i uninstalled office 2013 and installed office 365 [ licensed ]

    the problem disappeared ,

    as well as a script running in CMD

    when windows was loading after password .


    another problem that appeared lately in

    windows "pictures" [ part of windows ]

    i removed and reinstalled but the problem persists i.e.

    the app. opens in a blackend window and closes .

    thanks again




    You're welcome :)

    I'm glad the problem with SppExtComObjHook.dll has disappeared.

    Sorry, for general problems with Windows I suggest that you ask in one of the many forums specializing in Windows problems.


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