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Reg Tuner and Windows Restore


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  • Customer

    Hi crisky40,


    I always set my own "manual" restore point before running Reg Tuner (note: Reg Tuner sets it's own restore point before cleaning as well). I am running XP SP3, fully patched, AAW 2008 Pro and AAW Reg tuner.


    My personal Sys Restore settings are to use 4% of available disk space (the max is 12%) - no point in using more disk space that you need to. As you said, the new Restore files will overwrite the older ones as time goes by.


    I have just set a manual point, run Reg Tuner, and then restored back to my own restore point - no problems and the exact same issues are listed when I run Reg Tuner again.


    If you are having problems with Reg Tuner, I would suggest logging into the Support Center and requesting paid, one-on-one support for your problem.






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