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how to enable free trial for the product ?



  • Support

    Hi Bluerose,


    Without paying you can only scan and see which drivers that are outdated etc. If you want the programs to fix something you have to pay.


    Since you usually only want to check for outdated drivers once a year, nobody would pay if the program updated the drivers itself.

  • Customer

    hello and thanks for the answer !


    But thats NOT THE DEFINITION of a free trial, ,


    and the same misleading ad APPLIES FOR ALL free products !!! hahaah


    thank you ,

    is just shame its being advertised as supposed free trial .. u DO HAVE TO PAY TO USE IT ????????? thats now how it

    works with free trials and we all know that ?


    Kind regards , and lots of laugther !

  • Support



    Well, at least you can see what the products have found, I've seen trial products with less information.


    You're welcome and kind regards


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