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Lavasoft IP addresses



  • Customer
    I can't say for sure, but that IP goes to a simple html web page which says "Hi!" in the header and "We're Here!" in the body. I doubt Lavasoft would register IPs under another name or agent. You might want to follow the instructions in my signature and post in the HijackThis forum to see if your system is clean.
  • Customer
    Can I get the IP addresses ad-aware uses to obtain updates.

    My firwall is telling me that ad-aware is attempting to go to through and

    These all show as RIPE Networks on whois. When I go to .12 through .16 i get

    <?php /* Redirecting to Support Center */ header('HTTP/1.1 307 Moved Temporarly'); header('Location: [url="');"]');[/url] exit;

    When I go to .17 errors out

    When I go to .52 I get a message saying "we are here".

    I am trying to determine if Ad-aware has been hijacked or if these are valid addresses. I am especially concerned with .52...

  • Customer
    You're previous post was in the General Support section, so I moved it and merged it with your current one here.

    Here's the Wiki page on RIPE: [url=""][/url]

    I just looked up the IPs at and all except .52 came back as Lavasoft download servers. Clicking on details for .52 also shows it's Lavasoft, with the range .0-.255


    inetnum: -

    netname: Lavasoft-SE

    descr: Lavasoft

    country: SE

    admin-c: CA2313-RIPE

    tech-c: CA2313-RIPE

    status: ASSIGNED PA

    mnt-by: IP-ONLY-MNT

    source: RIPE # Filtered

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