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Disabling RealTime Antivurs Protection and Keeping Adware Protection On



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    Hi ryantegtmeier,

    In Ad-Aware 10 the detection of all types of malicious files (virus, trojans, spyware, cookies etc.) is integrated into one function (it will be smaller and faster then). But it is not that Ad-Aware 10 can detect virus that can cause conflicts with AVG, it is that both programs have complete real-time protection. Ad-Aware 9 Free has a limited real-time protection, which makes it less likely that a conflict should occur.

    Even if LS Digger Barnes' explanation about possible conflicts with other security programs in the post is written for Ad-Aware 9 Pro, the principle is still the same.

    You can continue to use Ad-Aware 9.6, at least for several months, if you prefer that.
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    I can give you a few reasons why I would not want to change my current Norton antivirus protection to Ad-Aware. First, I've been using Norton for about 15 years and have complete trust in their protection ability. Second, I have a subscription and have over a year's worth of updates and protection left on my current version of Norton. Third, as a former security specialist, it has always been a recommendation to have more than one antivirus program running to catch all the gaps. The fact that Ad-Aware doesn't play well with other antivirus programs is not a good design in my opinion.

    Now, I have always trusted Ad-Aware malware and spyware detection as top notch detection software. The fact that I can't separate that function from the antvirus is really a shame as it means I will not be able to upgrade.

    Hope that helps.
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    [quote name='ryantegtmeier' timestamp='1335061420' post='134906']

    I see that there is a button for disabling antivirus real-time protection, but if I click on that button, does clicking on the button disable real-time adware protection, too? If it does, do I have a way of keeping the adware and other objects from getting on my computer?


    Hi ryantegtmeier,

    Thanks for posting. If real-time protection is disabled, it means that it is disabled for all categories of files Ad-Aware detects, including adware. Real-time protection works by scanning files as they are written to disk which stops them from running and installing on your PC.

    By disabling real-time protection an adware application could be installed on your machine, although when you run a scan, it will be detected. You can see this in action by using the EICAR test file.

    [b]Test 1 - Real Time On[/b]

    1. Enable real time protection

    2. Download the EICAR test file: [url=""][/url]

    Ad-Aware will quarantine the file

    [b]Test 2 - Real Time Off[/b]

    1. Delete the detected EICAR file from quaratine within Ad-Aware

    2. Disable real time protection

    3. Download the EICAR test file to your desktop: [url=""][/url]

    3a. Ad-Aware will [i]not[/i] quarantine the test file

    4. Right click the downloaded file on your desktop and choose to scan with Ad-Aware.

    Ad-Aware will detect the file.

    Just to reassure you, Ad-Aware 10 will protect you from the entire range of threats so you can be comfortable using it as your first line of defence. I would be very interested to understand your decision to use Ad-Aware 10 and a second security application. If you have some time, could you let me know? Thanks!



    Lavasoft Malware Labs
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    [quote]Third, as a former security specialist, it has always been a recommendation to have more than one antivirus program running to catch all the gaps.[/quote]


    That is an unusual recommendation. I have been visiting many security related forums during many years and the recommendation has always been: Have only one antivirus program installed and run an online scanner for a second opinion.
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