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Right click menus of Privacy Toolbox on XP 64



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    Looking at the Product data sheet:


    or Tech specs:


    Operating Systems

    Windows 2000, XP and Vista (32-bit)


    Intel Pentium or processor equivalent to industry standards with 500 MHz or above

    Free hard disk space

    15 MB

    Minimum RAM



    800x600 with 16.7 m colors




    It doesn't look like Lavasoft RegistryTuner is compatible for 64bit.


    If you need a refund contact the support department here:

  • Support

    OOps - Privacy Toolbox:

    Doesn't say


    Either way, contact the Support Center and they can help you with that

  • Customer

    I didn't buy it yet, so no refund needed.


    I saw it installed on a Win32 OS and I downloaded the trail and installed in on XP 64 (And I don't see the right click menus).



    I don't think that it is such a problem to get it have right click menus on Windows XP 64. The software itself works on XP 64.



    Thanks for your reply though.

  • Support

    Ah ok, thought you had already paid for it.


    So, it's fine for 32bit systems. Since it isn't 64bit compatible yet, I'd run it with caution (the registry tuner part) since the registry is quite different on 64bit systems.


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