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Internal Exception Error


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    Since you had uninstalled the old version, the new version could not uninstall it. Try to do a clean uninstall using Revo Uninstaller ( on the highest setting to remove Lavasoft/Ad-Aware. Then try a fresh install, but execute the installer from your HDD/desktop, not the browser temp download file. Also, best to stop all other apps/processes while installing any software.

    If you think your system's already infected with malware, follow the instructions in my signature about posting in the HijackThis forum. There somebody can help you with malware diagnosis and removal. Since a lot of malware targets Ad-Aware, you might need to clean your system before it installs correctly.

    I'd recommend not downloading/installing apps which are not from a trusted a source like CNET. But if you continue, you should install Sandboxie, which allows you to run apps and surf the internet in a sandbox, isolated from your main system. It's not full-proof - I know somebody who still got a virus while using it - but it's a lot safer:



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