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Possibly fraudulent version of AdAware



  • Customer

    I will add that I have seen the change on the wikipedia page and seen some links on here saying that this website is simply the website for the new version of AdAware - but I still have my doubts, because a software that refuses to be removed is never good news.

  • Support

    Hi torticoli,

  is the new official web site for adaware version 12 and adaware software (new name instead of Lavasoft).


    It's usually possible to uninstall adaware from Control Panel. I don't know why it wasn't possible in your computer, but I know that there were some conflicts between Malwarebytes and Ad-Aware version 11.


    If you want help with removing adaware, please follow the instructions in to let adaware software investigate the problem.


    It's possible that I can see something in log files of the FRST program.

    Please, download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) and save it on the desktop:

    Start the FRST program.

    Read the disclaimer and click Yes to accept it.
    Click Scan button.
    When done, FRST will create two log files, called FRST.txt and Addition.txt, on the desktop.

    Please, attach them to your reply (click More Reply Options button to see how to attach files).


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