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Help me remove adaware se personal (temporarily)



  • Customer

    @LariHHP ...


    This LS forum post may help


    This topic gives more background


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  • Customer

    Hi LariHHP,


    Those are good links that normmork gave you.


    However, this is an issue with McAfee that has been going on since June - see this (long) Topic: McAfee recommends removal of SE Plus


    McAfee's new scanning engine was (is?) forcing the removal of both ZoneAlarm and Ad-Aware. In September a patch was released that was supposed to correct the problem.

    Contained in the above Topic are links to various posts:


    - New "upgrade" questions


    - I want ad-aware back! (This one contains regedit instructions to enable the removal of all traces of Ad-Aware. As always, be very careful when using regedit).


    - McAffee Update wants to remove Ad-Aware? (this one is from


    Check through those posts - particularly the one with the registry modification instructions (just back up the registry before making any changes to it !) - you may then be able to remove enough traces of Ad-Aware to enable installation of McAfee.


    A question that a lot of those posters had - why should you have to remove a perfectly legitimate product with which McAfee co-existed so well with, for such a long period?





  • Customer

    My original suggestion seems to have disappeared into Cyberspace, so I'll try again ...


    @LariHHP ...


    The McAfee/Lavasoft situation is quite vexing for users who wish to have BOTH programs installed on their computers.


    I'd suggest you post a thread at McAfee (or search their forum) to see if anyone over there has any ideas:


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