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Mouse moves Vertically but nor horizontal



  • Customer



    Your HijackThis log file looks OK. The mouse issue is most likely due to some dirt on the mechanism. If the mouse has a ball underneath then try cleaning the ball and rollers. Turn the mouse upside down and open the back. If you tip the mouse you can remove the ball. Check the rollers inside the mouse, try simply rubbing the rollers with a clean cloth to remove excess dirt and reassemble. If you want to give your mouse a full clean check out this Microsoft article for advice:



    see step 4 for information on cleaning a mouse. This only applies to mice with a ball, not optical mice.

  • Customer

    Hi Kjenkins8293,


    In addition to Ad Astra's advice for track-ball mice, if you have an optical mouse, you should have a "Mouse Properties" control panel, as per my screen-cap for my MS Intellipoint Mouse, shown below (accessed via Control Panel>Mouse>)


    You should be able to re-set the mouse's properties, or re-set to default, via the control panel.





  • jerry seryu
      • Ensure that you are using the mouse on a suitable surface. Optical or laser mice may not work well on reflective or transparent surfaces.
    1. Clean the Mouse Sensor:

      • Dust or debris on the mouse sensor can affect its performance. Use a can of compressed air or a small brush to clean the sensor.
    2. Try a Different Surface:

  • Meadows Jack

    Tried these steps and changed the settings. The settings of the mouse were wrong. Now it's working fine. 

  • jerry thomas

    You should be able to re-set the mouse's properties of geometry spot, or re-set to default, via the control panel.


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