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Internet explorer homepage changed and winantivirus 2006 problems



  • Customer

    Try running a virus scanner in safe mode


    also, you could try using system resore

  • Support

    Hi ,


    Apologies for the late reply, we've been quite swamped in here as you can probably see.


    Are you still needing help?


    I'm now subscribed to this topic so I will receive a notice from the board as soon as you reply, so I can be here much more quickly than it has taken to get to your new topic.


    If you still need help we need two things:


    1. Your Adaware Scan log with the latest reference file update.


    Please make sure that you are using

    Ad-aware SE Build 106r1

    Note: If your version is 6.0 and not the SE, you need to uninstall and get the latest version from the above link.


    [if not Uninstall your old Ad-aware first then install SE]

    Then use the WebUpDate

    to get the latest Definition file

    SE1R124 19.09.2006

    To do this Open Ad-aware

    Click the WebUpDate

    button at the top right hand side of the Ad-aware screen (The world globe).

    Click "Connect"

    Ad-aware will then download the latest Definition file for you.

    To make sure it is updated , look at the main

    Ad-aware screen, and look under "Initialization Status"

    It should say the Latest Definition file.

    then scan doing a "Full Scan"

    and then post your logfile here by using the Add-Reply Feature .

    As Logs are stored in :

    C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-aware\Logs\.

    An easy way to get there is to

    click Start,

    click Run

    And type in and press ENTER: %appdata%

    then click Lavasoft

    then Ad-Aware

    and then Logs.

    scroll down to find the latest one that you have

    (by date & time)

    and open it right Click select all

    copy and then paste the contents of it here.



    2. A fresh HijackThis log for review to see where you are now.


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