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hjt log



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    It would be a good idea to tell me what your problem is.. because starting a thread with the title "hjt log" and only posting a hijackthislog without anything else doesn't tell me what your problem is. I can't see anything suspicious here.

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    sorry about my post i am new to this, my pc as been very slow and my virus scanner told me it had found and deleted a virus this is it. C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

    \Content.IE5\OREZKH2D\utgcpixel[1].php, also each time i start computer there are new items in recycle bin,rb1.tmp, rb2.tmp, rb3.tmp. i have windows xp,a virus scanner,firewall, adaware etc.

    any help appreciated. thank you.

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    If your virusscanner was able to delete that file, you should be ok.

    Also don't worry about the files in your recycle bin.


    Most probably the reason why your computer is slow, is because you have many security related programs starting up with windows and running in the background. Keep in mind, they are all monitoring and use extra resources. Don't overdo here... because I also don't know what your computer specs are - (256MB, 512MB... more?) --


    Next security related programs are active:



    Command Software (Authentium Antivirus)

    Spy Sweeper (guess that one is an old version, so I recommend you uninstall it)


    Windows Defender



    I also see that you have hijackthis run at startup..


    So, you have to make a decision what security related programs should be present and start up with windows or not. Now, it almost looks like you are building your own security center.


    I guess some security related programs were already installed previously (most probably PCGuard and Command Software). Then you installed AVG on top + some others.

    AVG is a good free antivirus and having more than one antivirus present on your system is not recommended. First of all, because there could be incompatibility issues, second, they won't protect you in a better way, on the contrary and third, they slow down your system a lot and that's the problem you are having now.

    So get rid of (uninstall) the extra antivirus installed and keep the one you like the most.

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    thanks very much for your help, i will do as you advise and uninstall one of my virus scanners.

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    You're welcome. You only need 1 antivirus, more than one cause problems


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