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Removal of RSA2048



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    Hi All,


    Can someone help\advise please. My laptop has been infected with RSA-2048. How can I get rid of it.


    I tried restoring but the files are still corrupted.


    Thank you


    Hi Ach0457,


    I'm sorry but files that are encrypted with RSA-2048 can only be decrypted (restored) by using the correct decryption key. If you've paid the criminals but haven't received a key at all or received a non-working key, we can't help you with the decryption. If you haven't received a reply from them, check the spam/junk/bulk folder for your email account.


    The only thing we can do here is to deleted the malicious files that encrypted the files to prevent them from encrypting more files. Do you want any help with that?


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