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"Lights on...": memu, disabled PCs, & disabled devices



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    This is a forum dedicated to help users having problems with Adaware antivirus and some other products from Adaware software in computers with Windows. I can't see that you have such problems. Sorry, but you have to ask for help in other forums.

    10 hours ago, noathalie said:

    my 5 MONth license of eset, Kaspersky, comodo & ad-aware

    You should have only one antivirus program, having several usually leads to various problems.

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    To uninstall adaware antivirus use the Removal Tool:

    If you've problems with aswmbr you've to contact Avast.

    If you've problems with comodo sandbox you've to contact Comodo.

    Sandboxes are useful since infections in them don't spread to the Windows installation, you only need to delete or restart the sandbox to get rid of the infections.




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    Hi all,

    we can't scan with aswmbr, it's causes a bsod at safe & normal modes, on all computers,

    i try as administrator the bsod of aswmbr persists,

    only the frst is enough:

    hi all,

    i need to uninstall ad-aware,

    and i have bugs & malwares installed on all my comodo virtual desktops: the containment & the secure shopping, which makes impossibility to make online shopping

    bugs & malwares in the infected virtual desktop of containment (comodo sandbox)--:


    -yara editor trial

    -diffview trial



    -audio/video to exe

    -registry first aid

    -smart privacy cleaner

    -if/when i try again to reinstall the virtual desktop of comodo sandbox: impossible->error of installation of microsoft siverlight

    and the bugs & infections installed in the virtual desktop of comodo secure shopping:

    -pchelpsoft pc cleaner


    -radiorage en page d'accueil

    -systools pdf bates numberer

    -wondershare 1-click pc care

    internet problem on galaxy book pc,

    the icon of livebox wifi displays connected/connexion ok,

    but if i come on/go to various internet browsers

    i have error of connexion at every web sites

    and i had the mentionned sd/usb/ipod/android/windows bugs, memu's problem (because we installed malicious android apps on memu android emulator on my windows) & the bug of Acer R1 Series display device before installed thèses antivirus mentionned


    the bugs/malwares in emulators/virtual desktops such as comodo secure shopping/sandbox/containment & memu android emulator makes more all frustrations




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    You shouldn't download adaware antivirus from that link, it's old (version 11). Here is version 12:


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    finally i keep adaware as antivirus & roguekiller/comodo as antispywares, i don't want to uninstall ad-aware finally


    if ad-aware is uninstalled by adsfix/shortcut_module by sosvirus, i go to reinstall adaware application with that official link below:


    for the bug/adwares in comodo virtual desktops i use/install comodo geekbuddy chat/remote 24/7 assistance


    we continue here the troubleshoot with internet

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