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Memory pointer errors when scanning for drivers


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  • Adisa Nicholson

    I've now seen 4 different errors so far.

    • Invalid pointer operation
    • Access violation of address 062BFE50. Execution of address 062BFE50
    • Access violation of address 0040B535 in module 'AdawareDriverManager.exe'. Read of address 98810000
    • Access violation of address 76010BC in module 'KERNELBASE.dll'. Write of address 0000000A.
  • Tumul Tuous

    The specific error message you are encountering related to memory pointer when scanning with ​Avast Driver Manager is the "Forcepad driver tray Application Error". This error indicates a problem with the driver update for the ​DELL keypad, which leads to a loss of pointer control and, in certain cases, may manifest as the pointer moving away from intended positions.

    Avast Driver Manager does not handle memory addresses during the scanning process. ​Avast Driver Updater is a PC performance tool that scans for outdated and broken drivers to update them. It does not directly interact with memory geometry dash addresses.

    The memory pointer error while scanning with Avast Driver Updater can be triggered by activities such as installing the driver updates, reversion of driver updates, and system restart after driver updates.


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